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Partnership Considerations for Conversational Interfaces

Conversational interfaces (CIs) are currently being deployed to help extend access to financial education and services across emerging markets with strong results. In one pilot in Tanzania, CGAP found that farmers who used Arifu’s interactive learning platform saved at rates five times that of farmers who did not use the platform. Although these findings are preliminary, they suggest these tools have a significant potential to change behavior.

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Introduction to the Conversational Interfaces Blog Series

As the cost of accessing the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence drops, more and more organizations are depending on technology to reduce the cost and improve the quality of core business functions. By leveraging this technology in interactive conversations via conversational interfaces (CIs), customers across different demographics can now receive current, guided assistance, whether they want to know more about the latest agricultural practices or new financial services.

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Four things to be aware of in the search for digital finance impact

In previous insight pieces on savings, credit, and, Person-to-Person (P2P) transfers, we synthesized what we learned from studies in the Digital Finance Evidence Gap Map (EGM) using a product lens. However, the product lens is just one perspective, and the digital finance impact landscape is more varied and layered than this. Here we share four factors that digital finance researchers should consider when testing the impact of a digital finance product.

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