Catalyzing knowledge and insights to promote meaningful financial inclusion in an increasingly digital world

The Mastercard Foundation Partnership for Finance in a Digital Africa (FiDA) aggregates and synthesizes knowledge, conducts research to address key gaps, and identifies implications for the diverse actors working in the digital finance space. In collaboration with our partners, FiDA strives to inform decisions with facts and accelerate meaningful financial inclusion for people across sub-Saharan Africa.

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In 2018, FiDA Partnership conducted light touch research to unpack platform business models, looking at how they are evolving in terms of financial services. Desk research synthesized information about the business model for more than 40 platform businesses active in Africa, with a few global players included for comparison. For a select number of these, we captured additional details about the platform participants’ economics (e.g. workers, merchants, etc.). Interviews with several key African digital platforms supplemented this information with insights and details around the challenges and obstacles that African digital platforms face, particularly in partnering with financial institutions and FinTechs to directly integrate financial services offerings into their business models. We also interviewed a few other ecosystem players to add perspectives from financial services partners and investors.

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