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Demystifying regulatory concerns around the use of cloud services in mobile money


This new report by GSMA seeks to demystify the regulatory concerns regarding the use of cloud computing in the mobile money industry and explains how restrictions associated with these concerns can be addressed without prohibiting the use of the cloud. Some of the key concerns include data privacy, national security, economic impact, and supervision by

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Risk-Based Supervision Is Key to Financial Inclusion in 2020 & Beyond


CGAP’s financial sector specialists argue that risk-based supervision is key to financial inclusion especially for emerging markets and developing economies (EMDE) where supervisory capacity is low and financial innovations are evolving quickly.   Risk-based supervision involves building risk profiles, conducting risk assessments and monitoring indicators to systematically identify, measure and monitor risks.  Since 2019, CGAP has

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Financial Health and its Relevance for the Developing World: Learning Event in Singapore


“Financial health does not exist in a vacuum. It is inextricably linked to the real economy. Financial health contrives good personal health and education outcomes as well as reduced poverty and inequality,” said Judith Karl, Executive Secretary UNCDF while speaking at a conference on financial health held in Singapore in November 2019. The conference organized

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Building a healthy digital ecosystem

Lara Gilman

Snapshot 12: “Building the infrastructure for a healthy digital financial ecosystem” addresses one of the key questions of FiDA’s Learning Theme 12. Each Learning Theme addresses a range of topics within the digital finance space. The FiDA Partnership synthesizes the digital finance community’s knowledge of these learning themes as “Snapshots” that cover topics at the

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