Synthesizing impact evidence for digital finance—our methodology

Niamh Barry

The Digital Finance Evidence Gap Map (EGM) Methodology Paper is a companion to the interactive EGM. The EGM summarises the evidence of the effects of digital finance products on various clients, their households, and their communities.

Systematic reviews can take several forms. However the use of logical and transparent methods to identify and assess studies is a universal feature. Through the rigorous review of literature focused on aggregating evidence on the impact question, these reviews become a one stop shop for digital finance researchers, practitioner, and enthusiasts.

Before delving into the impact evidence outlined inn the EGM, keen readers may want to take a closer look at the methodology we used to review and select digital finance impact studies.

The EGM Methodology paper will walk through the development of our inclusion criteria and coding framework. While we highlight the importance of experimental research, we also emphasize the value that mixed methodologies can bring to a sector in which evidence is sparse.

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