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Humanitarian Cash Transfers and Financial Inclusion


CGAP’s new publication examines the opportunities for humanitarian actors in Lebanon and Jordan to use the cash and voucher assistance (CVA) programs as a pathway to financial inclusion. Syrian refugees in the two countries receive more than a quarter of their humanitarian assistance in the form of cash and vouchers. CGAP observes that there are

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Indonesia’s tech giants and unicorns catapult MSMEs into the digital economy


What have unicorns and super-platforms in Indonesia done to appeal to and convince MSMEs to digitize merchant payments? GSMA’s Mobile Money Programme’s Live Learning trip to Indonesia provides some of the answers in this blog. Read more

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GSMA’s Payments as a Platform: the future of Mobile Money

Abi Birrell

Nika Naghavi from GSMA and Arunjay Katakum share their work on Payments as a Platform: For over a decade, mobile money has been driving financial inclusion, opening access to digital transactions and giving people the tools to better manage their financial lives. While mobile money has taken us a long way in a relatively short

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