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We conduct research to address pressing and forward-looking issues in digital finance.

Social commerce and the digital lives of micro-entrepreneurs

New research from Caribou Data provides a unique perspective into the digital lives of micro-entrepreneurs in Kenya, quantifying how they use digital platforms to...
Bryan Pon
1 min read

Exploring how digital platforms are helping to fill skills…

Our latest research has moved to a new site. Read about the research theme here and where to access our latest work.
Annabel Schiff
2 min read

Platforms and Livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa

Any discussion of livelihoods in 2020 should account for the growing role of platforms.
Jonathan Donner
16 sec read

How Platforms are Changing the Landscape of Financial Inclusion

Platforms are increasingly offering financial services, with implications for platform business models and financial inclusion.
Marissa Dean
1 min read

Micro-entrepreneurs in a Platform Era

Micro-entrepreneurs in Kenya adapt platforms to fit their business needs, revealing opportunities and challenges for their financial and economic inclusion.
Annabel Schiff
36 sec read

Conversational Interfaces: Using Chatbots for User Acquisition and Support

For companies looking to reach customers via chatbots, we outline recommendations for UX design, partnership and revenue models, and more.
Kishor Nagula
23 sec read

DFS use among digital Kenyans

This research explores how digital financial services are used in Kenya, providing valuable insights for product managers, FinTech entrepreneurs, policymakers, and DFS practitioners.
Bryan Pon
1 min read

Using psychometric assessments in financial services

This case study explores one company’s experience developing psychometric tests as an alternative method for credit scoring and a microfinance institution's experience implementing it....
Maha Khan
16 min read

Launching into space: using satellite imagery in financial services

Two agriculture FinTechs integrated satellite imagery into their business models and product offerings, illustrating the promise and limitations of big data in financial services.
Maha Khan
17 min read

Can big data shape financial services in East Africa?

We share how FinTechs, telcos, and banks in East Africa are leveraging their extensive datasets and what the marketplace for this information looks like.
Marissa Dean
30 min read

Insights from the Digital Finance Evidence Gap Map

The Evidence Gap Map (EGM) visualizes current knowledge and knowledge gaps on the impact of digital finance products on low-income users while a blog...
Niamh Barry
6 sec read

Learning Advances in Digital Finance 2017

We explore the importance of meaningful financial inclusion—access and effective use—how technology has disrupted the financial services sector, and the potential for open APIs...
Jonathan Donner
69 min read

Evidence Gap Map

The impact evidence of digital financial services and products on low-income people is growing and so are the insights. Explore our Evidence Gap Map (EGM) to gain a more precise picture of the impact of DFS on various client outcomes.

Explore the Evidence Gap Map

Evidence Gap Map

Digital Financial Services Literature Reviews

We scanned the existing research across the digital finance sector and synthesized it into 16 literature reviews that touch on various themes focused on clients, ecosystem, institutions, and impact. These literature reviews are particularly helpful for other researchers focused on digital financial services.