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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)- Insights for inclusive finance


CGAP is refocusing its work on the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and in particular, paying special attention to four areas that play a vital role in furthering financial inclusion. These four include the MFI sector; distribution and government-to-person payments; understanding the impact on customers; and guidance for funders and investors. As part of its strategy, CGAP

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Financial Inclusion for What?


Knowledge gaps are limiting the effectiveness of financial inclusion programs and policies across the world.  These gaps- industry innovation gap, the impact knowledge gap, and the research methodology gap- according to CGAP must be addressed by the financial inclusion community to better understand what makes financial services more useful for poor people. Going forward, CGAP

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2020 and beyond: What’s next for fintech innovation in Latin America


AVL’s new investment officer for Latin America shares insights into the trends shaping the fintech and financial inclusion in the region. These trends have also informed AVL’s investments in the region.  “Brazil and Mexico have consolidated as the leading entrepreneurial ecosystems in the region and will continue to attract the largest volume of venture capital

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