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How financial exclusion and lack of trust hamper e-commerce platform models

Faced with a customer base that lacks bank accounts or who do not trust online payments, many e-commerce platforms have developed tools and processes...
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Digital platforms offer new opportunities for innovative African banks to grow

E-commerce and online labor platforms could be good business partners for African financial services providers. This is especially true for banks whose scale makes...
1 min read

Three pain points of African platforms adding financial services to their business models

There are several important challenges that digital platform businesses are facing when trying to integrate financial services into their business models, but we saw...
4 min read

How Platforms are Changing the Landscape of Financial Inclusion

Platforms are increasingly offering financial services, with implications for platform business models and financial inclusion.
1 min read

Three important ways platforms are changing the landscape for financial inclusion

In 2018 FiDA Partnership conducted interviews with several key platforms in Africa looking at how platform business models are evolving in terms of financial...
7 min read

Three business model changes to make African platforms work better for financially excluded workers and merchants

As we explored platform business models, we found examples of practices that we hypothesize could impede the participation of the financially excluded. We discuss...
4 min read

Why African platforms are adding financial services to their business models

Why would a tractor company need to be in the insurance business? Why would a ride-hailing company start offering credit? It’s actually an old...
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Hard things about Financial Inclusion

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How can platforms improve financial inclusion in Africa?

The Internet does platforms well. By the late 1990s, eBay was growing like gangbusters, partly—but famously—by hosting the exuberant exchange of beanie babies among...
4 min read

Virtue and value in mobile operator big data

This guest blog was jointly authored by Marissa Dean (FiDA) and Jake Kendall. Jake Kendall is the Director of the Digital Financial Services Lab...
6 min read