Maha Khan



9 Stories by Maha Khan

Can your personality get you a credit score?

Imagine you have just completed a job and are owed money. Your client offers you a delayed payment option where instead of receiving $14,000...
2 min read

Using psychometric assessments in financial services

This case study explores one company’s experience developing psychometric tests as an alternative method for credit scoring and a microfinance institution's experience implementing it....
16 min read

Eye in the sky, maize on the ground

Richard is a smallholder maize farmer in Western Kenya. He used to borrow money from his family or friends to buy essential inputs to...
3 min read

Launching into space: using satellite imagery in financial services

Two agriculture FinTechs integrated satellite imagery into their business models and product offerings, illustrating the promise and limitations of big data in financial services.
17 min read

What makes a successful commercial partnership?

Snapshot 10: “What makes a successful commercial partnership?” addresses one of the key questions of FiDA’s Learning Theme 10. Each Learning Theme addresses a...
3 min read

Does digital finance really address low-income customers’ needs?

Last month, we made our first foray into sharing, collaborating and cross promoting with the wider ecosystem as Next Billion published a piece we...
53 sec read

Is big data a big deal?

Snapshot 9: “Best Practices in Big Data Analytics” is one of 16 learning themes designed to address a range of topics within the digital...
3 min read

Show me the money: is there a business case for digital finance providers?

Learning Theme 8: What is the commercial landscape of digital finance? is one of 16 learning themes designed to address a range of questions...
2 min read