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Digital finance and MSMEs—The initial story of how and when digital finance works for MSMEs

MSMEs face a range of challenges, one of which is access to financial services that meet their specific needs.
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Digital Payments and Transfers (P2P): The evolving story of how and when digital payment products work

Last year we shared the impact story so far on person-to-person payments and transfers (P2P). The latest update of the EGM has folded in...
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Digital credit — The evolving story of how and when digital credit products work

New credit studies contribute to previous insights relating to the use of SMS for improved borrowing behavior and add new insights on longer-term outcomes...
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Digital savings — The evolving story of how and when digital savings products work

Gaps in our knowledge remain in product design and delivery, markets, and clients segments; by filling these gaps and improving how digital savings...
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Inching closer to understanding the digital finance impact question

As impact evidence grows, so should our understanding of the impact of various digital finance products on low income users. We've launched the third...
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Wrapping up the Evidence Gap Map impact insights series—The value of community and conversation

The FiDA partnership launched version 2.0 of the Digital Finance Evidence Gap Map (EGM) in October 2018. With 55 studies examining 60 products, there...
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Four things to be aware of in the search for digital finance impact

In previous insight pieces on savings, credit, and, Person-to-Person (P2P) transfers, we synthesized what we learned from studies in the Digital Finance Evidence Gap...
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Digital payments and transfers—the P2P impact story

There were 690 million registered mobile money accounts as of December 2017. The digitization of a pre-existing behavior—sending and receiving money—is clearly valued in...
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Digital Credit—What do we know about the impact on clients?

This post has been co-authored by Niamh Barry from the FiDA Partnership, and Natasha Beale, Carson Christiano, and Alexandra Wall from the Digital Credit...
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Digital savings—what do we know about the impact on clients?

FiDA is publishing a mini series on various insights derived from an analysis of the latest Evidence Gap Map (EGM) update. This is the...
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