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Vulnerable Groups in Lebanon Cite Health as Top Financial Challenge

Refugees and host communities in Lebanon are faced with high levels of financial exclusion, a situation that is usually made worse by health-related shocks.  ...
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Risk-Based Supervision Is Key to Financial Inclusion in 2020 & Beyond

CGAP’s financial sector specialists argue that risk-based supervision is key to financial inclusion especially for emerging markets and developing economies (EMDE) where supervisory capacity...
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Digital Finance APIs Come with Risks – Here’s One Way to Manage Them

Check out CGAP’s new resource for providers on how to manage the risks that come with Open APIs. CGAP recommends that providers use fair,...
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When Youth Entrepreneurship training meets Financial Inclusion

Young entrepreneurs will be more likely to succeed if they are provided with integrated services that empower them with the technical know-how to put...
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Regulator’s Friend or Foe? Cloud Computing in Financial Inclusion

By pooling resources, cloud providers allow financial institutions to avoid the heavy investments otherwise needed to store, manage, and process data by storing, managing,...
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How Do Kenyans Really Use M-PESA?

CGAP recently partnered with the Busara Center for Behavioural Economics to find out how low-income Kenyans use M-PESA. Findings highlighted that M-PESA remains primarily...
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