Measuring the influence of financial services on reaching the SDGs


The authors share results and learnings from the UNCDF Impact Pathways tool which provides a way to measure how investments in the digital economy can benefit individuals and ultimately contribute to meeting the SDGs.

The Impact Pathways tool has been used across two mobile money providers and two banks in Zambia, Fiji, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

The method, the authors write, uses transaction and balance data to identify people who use a financial product in different ways, and survey data to gauge how they benefit from using the service in those ways.

The Impact Pathways research shows that consumers consider formal digital finance tools to have benefits that vary to some degree across environments, products and channels.

“The results provide us with a measurement of how these financial tools support low-income customers. They also yield lessons for financial services providers and donors concerning what products and use cases can deliver the most benefits to customers and where customer value is being “left on the table.”

Daryl Collins and Liz Larson

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