Knowledge in the Field

The digital finance sector, born about a decade ago, has gained significant momentum in recent years. With the goal of building a strong foundation and informing decisions with facts, FiDA regularly scans and synthesizes learnings from across the field. So far, we have identified over 500 of the most relevant and important documents from the practitioner, policy, and academic research communities.

We have taken this database, which we will publish in its entirety in the coming months, and “sliced” it by 16 broad, durable themes. Each theme is comprised of a set of questions which must be addressed to advance the digital finance sector and to promote meaningful financial inclusion.

The “Snapshots” below capture current understanding about the topic in question, highlight “notable new learning” and call attention to implications for future research and investment. We will update these 16 themes annually based on activities in the digital finance space — with the objective of serving as a resource for those trying to tackle the most challenging problems in the space.

  • Snapshot 11

    What ecosystem improvements will unlock investment in digital finance?
  • Snapshot 12

    [Coming soon] What ecosystem-level infrastructure improvements are needed to be able to deliver next generation financial services?
  • Snapshot 13

    [Coming soon] What are the key trends in a shift to a digital ecosystem that will influence NGFS?
  • Snapshot 14

    [Coming soon] What is the role for regulation—for individuals and institutions?