Tracking the journey towards mobile money interoperability: Emerging evidence from six markets: Tanzania, Pakistan, Madagascar, Ghana, Jordan and Uganda


GSMA’s new report features the interoperability journeys and lessons of six countries. It focuses on mobile money integrations between MMPs and also offers insights into the experiences of these markets, which are at different stages of an interoperability process.  

The report highlights how industry leaders in markets such as Tanzania and Madagascar proactively pursued mobile money interoperability amongst themselves to identify mutually beneficial arrangements, and how this can positively impact consumers. 

It spotlights a renewed approach in Jordan, one of the few markets in the Levant to deliberately pursue mobile money interoperability. 

It sheds light on how Pakistan, a country with relatively mature roots in branchless banking, is adapting its approach to interoperability. 

It also shows how in Ghana and Uganda, the industry implemented different technical approaches to interoperability, including private aggregators.

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