Theory of Change

A theory of change describes how a program is expected to contribute to change and in which conditions it might do so i.e. ‘If we do X and Y, Z will happen because…’ Read more about the application of theories of change in development here.

The Digital Finance Theory of Change is a set of hypotheses of how the partners can affect a variety of sequential and/or simultaneous changes within the Digital Finance ecosystem.

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Our approach focuses on six core activities that influence and incentivize changes in the innovation ecosystem. These are changes that support and encourage Digital Finance institutions and innovators to develop and deliver Digital Finance products and services that positively impact financially excluded, low income clients. 

The six core activities are:

  1. Developing talent and encouraging an innovation-friendly culture
  2. Providing financial capital to Digital Finance institutions and innovators
  3. Generating client and market insights
  4. Supporting the development of innovative digital finance products, services, and infrastructure delivery
  5. Improving market coordination
  6. Learning from what we’re doing, and using what we are learning to affect positive change