Inclusive fintech in the time of COVID-19


Catalyst Fund shares several examples of how its portfolio are helping customers in emerging economies through the COVID-19 crisis.

By using their existing solutions and additional innovations, the fintechs are helping people access critical health insurance, send money to their families, access essential goods and services, and better manage current finances via financial advice.

In Uganda, for example, micro-insurance company Turaco introduced a hospitalization and life insurance products for COVID-19 patients that costs only $2/month.

Sokowatch, an East Africa-based B2B e-commerce platform has developed a voucher system that allows Kenyans economically affected by the virus to access essential goods at Sokowatch-supplied small shops (dukas).

Chipper Cash has put together a COVID-19 fund which will enable people to send support to the communities most affected by the crisis via their digital wallet. The above are only a few of the mentioned in the blog.

Read more here about several other examples including solutions that are helping existing financial institutions do more for their customers during the crisis.