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9 Stories by FiDA Partnership China Blog Series

What can Nigeria learn from China’s digital economy? Insights on big data, mobile payments, and what China’s model means for financial inclusion in Nigeria

This blog is authored by Ashley Lewis, Investment Officer, West Africa and South Africa, Accion Venture Lab with support from Tunde Kehinde, co-founder of...
2 min read

AI and Big Data have transformed digital finance in China. Can they do the same in sub-Saharan Africa?

This blog has been co-authored by David del Ser, Practice Director at Bankable Frontier Associates and David Edelstein, Senior Director at FiDA Partnership
4 min read

Can China’s Ethos of Collaboration Work for Africa?

This blog was authored by Annabel Schiff - Senior Manager, Partners at the FiDA Partnership - with input from Lesley Denyes - Program Manager...
5 min read

Tipping the Scale: Can Social Media Drive DFS Adoption and Use?

This blog was co-authored by Adaora Ogbue, Associate Programme Manager at Mastercard Foundation and Renita Nabisubi, Head of Digital Financial Services at Access to...
5 min read

Unpacking the Impact Question in China’s Superplatforms

This blog was written by Lamia Naji, Associate Manager, Learning and Strategy at Mastercard Foundation, & Xavier Faz, Lead, Digital Finance Frontiers at CGAP
6 min read

You Can’t Clap with One Hand: How Collaboration Drives China’s FinTech Success

This blog was written by Lesley Denyes - Program Manager and Digital Finance Specialist at IFC and Annabel Schiff - Senior Manager, Partners at...
7 min read

Barriers and Bridges to Building Africa’s Digital Silk Road

This blog written by Sieka Gatabaki, Financial Services Manager at MercyCorps Agrifin Accelerate Program in Kenya with contributions from Annabel Schiff -Senior Manager, Partners...
3 min read

The Digital Silk Road: Lessons from Last Mile Distribution in China

This blog is authored by Stephen Deng, co-founder at DFS Labs, an early-stage fintech accelerator for emerging markets
3 min read

What LulaLend Learnt from Fintech in China

This blog was written by Neil Welman, Co-founder and CTO of LulaLend
5 min read