FiDA Live Learning: China 2018


This carefully curated trip around Beijing, Hangzhou & Shenzhen aims to educate participants about the Chinese digital financial services space and consider what is relevant to the sub-Saharan African context. Specific themes that the visit will explore are:

  1. The opportunities and risks presented by super platforms for financial inclusion in SSA
  2. How big data / artificial Intelligence can drive greater financial inclusion
  3. Different models of platform economics
  4. How ecosystems of digital (financial) offerings can drive adoption and help ‘keep cash digital’
  5. The roles that ‘social’ and ‘entertainment’ can play in driving adoption / effective use of DFS
  6. Sophisticated DFS innovations on offer in China and possibilities for SSA
  7. What partnership models have been effective in cultivating DFS in China
  8. Ways in which the regulatory context has influenced the evolution of DFS in China

Note. This trip is invitation only, but if the content interests you, we will be coordinating a number of Learning Events after the trip to share insights. Please stay in touch for more information

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