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Conversational Interfaces: Using Chatbots for User Acquisition and Support

For companies looking to reach customers via chatbots, we outline recommendations for UX design, partnership and revenue models, and more.
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What forward-looking considerations could impact conversational interfaces in the future?

In this post we highlight factors that might influence how conversational interfaces (CIs) are viewed, used, and interacted with across emerging markets in the...
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Conversational Interfaces

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Conversational Interfaces: Revenue Models

It is often easier and less costly for CI providers to white label their conversational interface to a revenue partner rather than go direct...
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Partnership Considerations for Conversational Interfaces

Conversational interfaces (CIs) are currently being deployed to help extend access to financial education and services across emerging markets with strong results. In one...
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The role of language in the construction of a Conversational Interface

As mentioned in the primer, using CIs to interact with customers through freeform African languages can be challenging given the limited amount of localized...
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Criteria to consider when choosing between SMS and messaging applications when building a conversational interface

Though functionally similar, it’s important to understand how SMS and messaging applications differ prior to engagement.
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Introduction to the Conversational Interfaces Blog Series

As the cost of accessing the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence drops, more and more organizations are depending on technology to reduce...
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