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CGAP’s Journey to Open APIs

CGAP’s Michel Hanouch will share insights and lessons from CGAP’s experience supporting five digital financial services (DFS) providers as they journey to open APIs. Niall Saville from Dalberg will then highlight key takeaways from their ongoing research, sponsored by CGAP, on how best to engage third-party API consumers. This research digs into questions like How canDFS providers design and implement third-party engagement strategies that drive awareness and usage of their APIs? What segments should they target? What activities should resource-constrained DFS providers prioritize? and How should DFS providers structure themselves to enable effective delivery of these efforts? CGAP consultant Aiaze Mitha will then share lessons from his work with MTN Uganda to engage third parties in that market, as well as insights from leading firms currently leveraging APIs, including Stripe, WeBank and Apigate (Axiata). 

Digital savings — The evolving story of how and when digital savings products work

Gaps in our knowledge remain in product design and delivery, markets, and clients segments; by filling these gaps and improving how digital savings products are tested, the digital savings community will be able to develop better products and deliver them more effectively.Continue reading